I made a game over the holidays! For this Wizard Jam, I tried something a bit different. As a kind of experiment I wanted to go back to the first solo game I ever made (well.. attempted, I didn’t even get close to finishing it), and see if I could remake it in two weeks. I thought it’d be a neat way of measuring the personal progress I’ve made in the intervening years; and also, it would just be nice to get the game out there and playable after so much time inside my head and in long-abandoned Unity project files. When I think back on the early days of my game development career (then hobby), I think of this game and the various hurdles I had to overcome to get even the most basic stuff  running on-screen. Getting this game done and finally out there for people to play was a cathartic experience.

Concentric is a minimalist action game about gracefully moving in circles. Navigate along a set of concentric rings and bring energy back to your core. Retrieve energy. Evade traps. Play fast and take risks for a better score. Carve a perfect path through the level and rise the ranks of the global leaderboards.

By zero51